Model No: IR510 IR520
Function: Flash Steady-on
Body Colour: Black Green
LED Output
Peak Wavelength:
880 nm  
LED Qty: 8  
Weight: 450 g  
Height:  20 cm  
Flash Rate:  165-185 fpm  N/A 
Battery:  2 x D cell 
Battery Life:  40 hours subject to power level


The unit is switched on by turning the lens clockwise and anti-clockwise for off. As InfraRed cannot be seen with the naked eye, a short pattern of audible beeps upon turning the beacon on, confirms the beacon is operational.

Using quality alkaline batteries, 6 beeps indicates the batteries are fully charged. 3 beeps indicates the batteries are part-used. 1 beep indicates the batteries are very low and should be replaced. Being InfraRed, there is no visible Low Battery Indicator.